Spaces and services for events and working meetings in the hills of the Monferrato

Do you need a space for your next working event? Would you like to organize a business meeting, a conference or an office party to celebrate an achievement of an important goal of your company? Would you like to release your new products inviting your clients in a suggestive and welcoming place, such as the Monferrato area?

Surrounded by the countryside and by hills, Torre di Batibò, old 16th century nobility residence, offers large spaces for successful business meetings.

The indoor spaces stand as a refined environment, enriched with elegant details, antique furniture and precious frescoes that tell the history and the art of the past ages. The rooms, equipped with large windows, offer also a wonderful panoramic view on the surrounding landscape and allow to organize a conference, a meeting, an exhibition, a working event in professional way, ensuring an exclusive welcoming to your guests.

Because of Torre di Batibò has got several rooms of different capacity useful for business meetings, you could choose the most suitable one for the type of event that you want to organize, the number of participants and mostly your personal needs.

In addition, Torre di Batibò has got also large outdoor spaces that can be used for working events, such as the park or the Boschera, the dépendance near the house that can be arranged in a personalized way and that can host about 150 sitting people.

Available spaces for Business Meetings:

It is a perfect environment for large events and business meetings because of its size.

Restored in 2017, the Boschera was originally used during the winter season for cutting trees from the surrounding woods and during the rest of the year for the processing of cocoons of silkworms.

Today it is as an ideal environment for any type of event (Food&Wine, Culture, etc), conferences, working meetings, group dances, film projections.

Maximum capacity: 150 sitting people.

Recently restored, this environment is characterized by its vaulted architecture, by the presence of bright windows that offer the view on the inner garden and by the antique furniture that give it elegance.

Maximum capacity: 65 sitting people.

The room is named after a 19th century painting that represents the city of Genoa: impossible not to notice it! It is a representative room, decorated by the frescoes on the the walls and the antique furnishings.

Perfect for receptions and aperitifs or as welcoming and enchanting place to entertain guests.

Ideal for events, aperitifs and the display of business products, this room, equipped with stamps and antique furniture with frescoes that represent the landscape of Asti (Piedmont), offers also a panoramic outdoor view.

Our park of about 2400 square meters of extension is perfect for outdoor events. Here you will find ancient plants, well-kept flowers and an incredible panoramic view on the hills of Asti (Piedmont).