Torre di Batibò offers many spaces of different sizes, ideal for every occasion and need

Are you looking for a venue to organize an event, a party or a wedding ceremony?

Torre di Batibò, historical 16th century residence immersed in the Asti countryside, is characterized by numerous inner spaces, ideal for these occasions.

The rooms, smartly decorated with frescoes and antique furniture, evoke a timeless charm and offer an exclusive and intimate atmosphere.

The rooms of different sizes (with many seats and standing places) are ideal to organize every type of events: birthday or degree celebrations, children parties, baptisms, appetizers and weddings.

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The Salone

Torre di Batibò_Sale per Ricevimenti di Matrimonio ad Asti

Adjacent to the Thòlos room, the recently restored Salone features wide and bright windows, that open to the inner court and the garden.

  • Ideal for weddings, ceremonies, etc.
  • Maximum capacity: 65 sitting people.

The Thòlos

Sala Tholos_Torre di Batibò

So jokingly called in the familiar slang (for the ancient Greeks “thòlos” was a round building with dome), this particular room was created out of a big tower cut off in an unknown age. The tower top is now a balcony overlooking the southern side.

The room connects the internal rooms with the garden.

  • Ideal for appetizers
  • Maximum capacity: 10 sitting people

The Vaulted Room

Sale per Occasioni speciali presso la Torre di Batibò di Asti

This pretty and discrete room is characterized by a mighty vault that makes it very interesting from the architectural point of view.

Looking austere and welcoming at the same time, with a beautiful fireplace, it used to be the family’s study room.

  • Ideal for those who are looking for an intimate and quiet atmosphere
  • Maximum capacity: 10 sitting people

Da Genova Room

Sala per Eventi ad Asti

So called because of a picture from the 19th century that represents the City of Genoa, the room is completely frescoed. Decorations in Rococo style alternate to landscapes. Equipped with antique furniture, it is connected to a nice study room obtained in the western tower; it overlooks boththe countryside  and the garden.

  • Ideal for indoor receptions in a suggestive environment
  • Perfect for standing aperitifs
  • Maximum capacity: 36 sitting people

The Fresco Room

Sale per Feste e Aperitivi ad Asti | Torre di Batibò

The Fresco Room, that connects the “Da Genova room” and the room with the spiral staircase, offers views both on the countryside and  on the inner court. Equipped with antique engravings and furniture, it is the natural crossroad between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Ideal for aperitifs
  • Maximum capacity: 20 sitting people

Room with spiral staircase

Sala per Feste ad Asti_Torre di Batibò

It is maybe the most original space of Torre di Batibò. It’s cozy thanks to a small wood spiral staircase dated back to the 19th century, a decorated vault with the coats of arms of the old owners and to a room divider that seems to create the backstage of a theatre. It is a small and romantic room.

  • Maximum capacity: 8 sitting people